Prolific New Zealand born multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Lisa Crawley grew up teaching the other kids in her class how to play the recorder. Today, she’s charming audiences across national and international stages performing her extensive repertoire of original music. On the odd occasion, she still finds herself busting out her recorder.

To her, music came as naturally as learning to walk –even developing her unique voice from as young as two. Her parents nurtured her gift, but ambition was hardwired into Crawley from day dot, and she recalls dragging her parents to various artistic ventures throughout her childhood.

Creatively insatiable, the last few years has seen Crawley finding time in between writing and composing her own music, arranging her songs for Symphony Orchestras and opening for the likes of John Mayer, Jools Holland and Paul Weller to co-write a cabaret show with Bullet Heart Club. The show ‘Elizabeth’ explores the realities of being female and a musician in the current political landscape – touching on themes of the battle for gender equality and the mental and emotional fortitude to maintain longevity in music.

The push and pull of her musical vision has taken her the world over, seeing her grace stages in London, Japan, China, Denmark, SXSW and Canadian Music Week. Even landing a song writing

residency among a Grammy-award winning faculty at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

In 2018 Crawley returns with the fruits of her Canadian labour: new single ‘You Got Me’. Born in Crawley’s Melbourne studio, fleshed out among the pines in an isolated songwriting hut in the wilds of Canada and polished in an intimate mentoring session with Kim Richey (Grammy award nominee for Best Country Song 1996). ____________________________________

‘A breath of fresh air, it’s no wonder Crawley has become one of the country’s most respected ladies in the game.’ – The AU Review

‘This multi-instrumental lady has a bright future in the world of downloads.’ – The Music

‘Lisa Crawley’s mastered her own musical destiny from day dot.’ – Impolitikal

“….[on Elizabeth] Indeed, this exquisite show has so many moments of beauty that it’s impossible to walk up the stairs from the venue without leaving a little piece of your own heart behind.” – David Collins Arts Review