New single ‘You Got Me’ out now!


In 2018 Crawley returns with the fruits of her Canadian labour: new single ‘You Got Me’. Born in Crawley’s Melbourne studio, fleshed out among the pines in an isolated songwriting hut in the wilds of Canada and polished in an intimate mentoring session with Kim Richey (Grammy award nominee for Best Country Song 1996). The track sees her vulnerable and introspective, a stark contrast to her professional life.
Her dreamy vocals are complimented by lifting woodwind and understated guitars.

Of the new single Crawley explains, “You Got Me” is a song I started a few years ago but left unfinished until I went to the incredible Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. I played it to Kim Richey, one of the faculty in a mentoring session and she helped me remove all the sugar-coated lyrics, and left it as a simple song about being mistreated, yet still there. I worked with producer Mic Hubbard on the track and he created a dreamy sound with drive, without being overly soppy. It was still missing a little something, so I got out my high school clarinet and recorded some parts, and it left us with a dreamy chamber pop number that I hope people enjoy”


‘You Got Me’

Words and music by Lisa Crawley.
Recorded with Mic Hubbard in the Shrimp Shack Studios
Mixed with Nick Abbott at North-Western Studios
Mastered by Ben Coe.

Keys, vocals and clarinets by Lisa Crawley
Drums, bass and guitars by Mic Hubbard